Orissa Institute of Medical Research and Health Services

ADDRESS : B.K.Road, Friends Colony, Cuttack, Odisha, India, Pin Code- 753001

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Orissa Institute of Medical Research and Health Services(OMRAH)

About Us

OMRAH is a non-profit making socio developmental organization, founded by a group of Health Professionals way back in 1986. The organization is registered under the Society Registration Act and under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961 and 12A.
Conceived as a research and service organization, it has gradually shaped itself as a responsive institution to the needs of outreach and underserved communities living in slums and rural pockets, with programs addressing the rights of children, adolescents, and women. As a responsive institution, OMRAH has been acting upon the needs of the communities it serves. The main focus has been on health as the right of the community. In the process of intervention, the key stakeholders; the children, adolescents, and women, have occupied the front seat and to a large extent have owned the programs.

To initiate and sustain a participatory and people-centered approach to quality health of the vulnerable. Besides, providing basic health care services, it strives to promote the rights of the vulnerable (women, children, and adolescents) to lead a dignified life based on equality and social justice by building their capacity, facilitating the process of empowerment, strengthening networks, and advocating on public policies.
A premier health institution catalyzing the actions for quality health of the vulnerable in the State of Orissa.

  • To undertake scientific activities and research for the development of the health care system including Programming, optimally suitable for present-day society with all its socio-cultural environment.
  • To promote reproductive and child health services among disadvantaged populations.
  • To initiate activities on a wide spectrum of socially relevant problems including child rights, women empowerment, care of the elderly, and improvement of livelihood.
  • Todisseminate knowledge relating to ecological balance and mitigation of disaster-related risks
  • To strengthen grassroots democracy by capacity building Panchayati Raj Institutions.